Hot European topics, alumni affairs, the best memories: The alumni magazine ASAEUROPEAN delivers news from the network and the world to former students of the Allianz Summer Academy (ASA).

The alumni magazine is a key component of the Allianz Alumni Network. More than just an informational medium, it is a forum for communication between students and fellows of the Allianz Cultural Foundation both past and present. Its over 20 pages focus on a different topic each time, spanning issues like migration, cyber security, the Arab spring and cultural diversity. Beyond that, the magazine also spotlights contributions from those people who have left a strong mark on the network over the years, as well as historically oriented articles that recall the author's own time as a student at the Allianz Summer Academy.

The magazine started in 2009 and has been published in English one to two times annually ever since. This is how it originated.

The editorial board consists exclusively of alumni from the network who have complete autonomy over the publication's conception and development. Other alumni can contribute their interests or thoughts in their own articles and in that way, make an impact on the magazine's final form. Getting involved on the editorial board guarantees practical experience in journalistic publishing.

The print edition of the magazine is published by Tempus Corporate and distributed by the Allianz Cultural Foundation. The digital edition can be downloaded below. Additional alumni articles are also featured here.

Be sure to flip through the newest edition of the ASAEUROPEAN alumni magazine - available for download below.
The current  ASAEUROPEAN editorial team

The current ASAEUROPEAN editorial team 
(left to right):

Patience H. (ASA 2008; chief editor)

Stephanie C. (ASA 2008)

Nicolas Z. (ASA 2013)

Nad’a K. (ASA 2009)

Ioana A. (ASA 2009)

Michele M. (ASA 2017; not depicted)

The Alumni Magazine Reaches Its Tenth Issue, Patience Haggin. (ASA 2013)

The Anatomy of Budapest, Adrienn N. (ASA 2013)

  • Reflection on Allianz Summer Academy 2015, Michelle N. (ASA 2015)
  • Impressions of the Allianz Summer Academy 2015, Max J. (ACF intern 2015)

  • China Growth Spurs EU-USA Trade Deal – EU Industry Commissioner, Georgi Iliev
  • Europe’s Economic and Ecological Challenges, Mara-Daria Cojocaru & Mare van den Eeden (AAA 2007)