Founded in 2012 the Alumni Council (AC) acts as the main voice of the every-growing Allianz Alumni Network. It represents the interests of each and all alumni and serves as the main bridge between the network and the Allianz Cultural Foundation.

Composed of four to six alumni serving a two-year term, the AC endorses and carries out activities in line with the foundation’s mission statement, where it is best positioned to do so and that add value to the greatest number of alumni possible. In doing so, it promotes the pluralistic nature of the alumni network, and to this end, facilitates the emergence of its alumni.

The responsibilities of the Alumni Council include:

  • Supporting a strong relationship between the Allianz Alumni Network and the Allianz Cultural Foundation.
  • Developing strong relationships among alumni and among the members of the AC.
  • Remaining constantly informed and communicating the foundation’s and the network’s mission and programs.
  • Recognizing fellow alumni who are distinguished by their personal and professional achievements, and their commitment to the network.
  • Encouraging alumni to initiate and participate in alumni activities and gatherings. 

You’re an alum and have ideas on how to improve the network? You’re eager to get more actively involved? 

Then get in touch with the council at

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Alumni Council members 2019-2021
Alumni Council members 2016 - 2018
Alumni Council members 2014 - 2016
David A. (ASA 2008) Viviane D. (ASA 2009)
Fabrizio D. (ASA 2011)
Galen L. (ASA 2015) Harald E. (ASA 2008)
Viviane D. (ASA 2009)
Julia M. (ASA 2013) Diana G. (ASA 2008)
Andrew S. (ASA 2013)
Michele M. (ASA 2017) Anna Lena H. (ASA 2015)
Elona X. (ASA 2009)
Tatiana V (ASA 2017) Galen L. (ASA 2015)
  Marie P. (ASA 2013)

Dear Allianz Alumni,

With this short message, we would like to take the opportunity to thank all of you for the great time we spent together during the Allianz Alumni Academy in Milan! The wonderful mix of enthusiastic people from different backgrounds, cultures and fields of expertise created a very unique atmosphere, as well as thoughtful and inspiring discussions. Our similar mindset on the worthiness of the European idea created a family feeling among us Alumni.

We want to maintain this feeling of togetherness by strengthening our network of peers and friends, so that we, together, can have an even better impact in our nation states, in Europe and worldwide. It is an honour for us to represent your ideas and suggestions. As we see ourselves as your voice, please feel free to reach us via email, facebook or whatever communication channel works best for you. The Alumni Council now has a direct email account at Don’t be a stranger--write us anytime.

We recently connected from many different places in the world for our first group call as new Council. Following the hand-over from the outgoing Council we are developing our roadmap for the next two years and looking forward to working together.

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2017!


Anna Lena, Diana, Galen, Harald, Marie, Viviane
January 2017

Meet the current Alumni Council members by downloading their portraits below: