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Every other year, on ASA off years, the Allianz Alumni Network gathers in a major European city for an internal network meeting that includes keynote speeches, panel discussions and forums organized by the alumni themselves on a given European topic. With input from representatives of politics, business, the media and the sciences, the Alumni Academy's program sparks lively debates that thoroughly explore all sides of a given question in a process that encourages critical, European-political thinking. Europe becomes a lived reality in which alumni confer on how they can shape its future together.

The Alumni Academy is a unique occasion for working professionally with experts, which is precisely what drives many to participate. Its program is also designed to ensure cross-generational interaction among members. In smaller working groups, alumni share their project ideas and found initiatives. Networking meetings and workshops present chances for personal and professional development.

Group sightseeing tours top off the program and reinforce the sense of community within the network. The host is always a partner university that has worked actively with the Summer Academy in the past.

An amalgam of information forum, project market and job fair, the AAA foregrounds exchange of experience on a personal level and career-oriented professionalization for and between participants.

Location: Charles University, Prague

Time frame: 23-25 November 2018

Topic: What does Europe's future hold? Challenges and opportunities in times of globalization and digitalization

Location: Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Milan, Italy

Time frame: 18-20 November 2016

Topic: Migration and Social Inclusion in Times of Crisis

Location: Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

Time frame: 28-30 November 2014

Topic: Europe at a Turning Point

Location: Allianz Stiftungsforum, Berlin, Germany

Time frame: 21-23 September 2012

Location: Fundación Carlos de Amberes, Madrid, Spain

Time frame: 23-25- April 2010

Location: European Commiccion, European Parliament, Madariaga European Foundation, Brussels, Belgium

Time frame: 4-6 May 2007