Where: Berlin, online and several locations in Europe

When: 18 - 20 August 2021

With: Asylum Arts New York

Contemporary Jewish life in Europe’s diaspora is more diverse than ever. This is reflected both in the hybrid identities of Jewish artists and their artistic production. The DAGESH Festival TRANSITIONS makes this diversity visible and transforms pre-existing assumptions and stigmata. Contemporary Jewish artistic practices and perspectives address societal questions in a new way. TRANSITIONS will focus on coalition-building and solidarity for and with one another. It provides impulses for new forms of societal intervention. TRANSITIONS will take place in Berlin from 18 till 20 August 2021. The coronavirus crisis represents yet another challenge, considering the strained relationship with non-Jewish society and the long history of anti-Semitism and racism in Germany, Europe, and the USA. Anti-Semitism, racism, misogyny, and opponents of diversity are rearing their heads in society, in our everyday lives, in our political systems, and in our security apparatuses increasingly openly and aggressively. Jewish activists and artists are emphatically making the case for the necessity of reshaping society. TRANSITIONS connects these artists with one another, presents their works and makes their positions vocal. Through the festival, selected artists will create a new Jewish visibility that transcends borders in a productive European and transatlantic exchange. Via video and sound art, text composition, and other forms of visual, performance, and digital arts, they will investigate and communicate their experience and understanding of aesthetic solidarity and artistic resistance from a shared and yet diverse contemporary Jewish perspective. Visitors to the three-day festival will be invited to think and envision together, to experience various event formats and forms of multimedia and political art. Dialogue and questions about the possibilities, challenges, and boundaries of solidarity and alliances will be encouraged by the featured artworks. Communicative processes for a new societal cohesion and pluralistic coexistence will be set in motion.