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Who: Superrr Lab

Where: Europe, online

When: 2021

With: Bertelsmann Stiftung, Goethe-Institut

Together with civil society, artists, researchers, and policy experts, The New New develops visionary ideas for inclusive and just digital futures in Europe and beyond. Rather than centering around technology by itself, the program focuses on societal challenges that arise when technology is put to use. The New New doesn't provide simple truths or easy solutions to a problem, but a multitude of viewpoints from people with diverse backgrounds. Through workshops we will link up discussions around diversity, sustainability, equity, feminism and tech. The program aims to establish partnerships across disciplines and national borders and to translate high-level discourse on digital technology into relatable, accessible and speculative narratives. Through speculation the program explores what it will feel like to live in a future in which citizens are in control of their data and their digital tools, and in which the governance of technology benefits the many instead of the few. The ideas developed in The New New will serve as a visionary blueprint for times that are yet to come. The goal of The New New is to expand the imagination of the general public and political decision makers alike.

Imagine what would happen if all the propositions we make today were to be realized tomorrow? Which grievances would we center, which people and their realities would we focus on, and how sustainable and holistic would our solutions be then? What would be different?

For the closing event of The New New Superrr Lab is inviting fellows and guest speakers to share ideas, imaginations and interventions for better futures. This event will highlight thought-provoking proposals, thinking along technical, political, artistic-cultural, environment and social lines. The speakers will have 3 minutes each to present their proposition. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

When: 7 October 2021, 6pm to 7:15pm

Who: Camila Nobrega (Beyond the Green): Guts and grounds: from where our bodies thread ++ Andrew Mallinson & Cami Rincón (Syb): Queered Potential ++ Tayo Awosusi-Onutor (RomaniPhen): Knowledge archive: Keeping and producing knowledge — the feminist Romnja* Archive ++ Kyriaki Goni (Networks of Trust): Beyond speculation: How to make (digital) futures possible ++ Jac sm Kee (FeministInternet.net): Tending to wildness: field notes on movement infrastructure ++ Claudia Fratangeli (Chayn): The blurred lines of physical and digital: engaging with the complexities of tech-enabled abuse ++ Adriaan Odendaal & Karla Zavala Barreda (Algorithms of Late Capitalism): Inclusive game design: Lowering the barrier for participating in digital futures ++ Maria Martelli (Just Wondering…): The future is here, ongoing, and multispecies ++ Fieke Jansen (Data Justice Lab, Cardiff University): The bright future of shifting values ++ Hugo Pilate (Banlieue du Turfu): Odyssée turfuriste — Towards the golden age of the world’s banlieues

The New New fellowship wants to open up the discussion on shaping digital change to new perspectives, a discussion that has been dominated until now by economic considerations. There was thus a special focus on diversity criteria and an inclusive character when selecting the civil society projects. As a result, many of the chosen projects engage with social groups – such as BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), refugees and LGBTQ+ – whose concerns usually receive little attention in the digital discourse. The selected fellows thus address a wide variety of issues, technology and media – ranging from virtual assistants with synthetic voices, to a feminist online radio station that focuses on user participation, to a digital platform offering help to victims of domestic violence, to a card game that takes a critical look at the excesses of tech capitalism.

Press release announcing the launch of the Fellowships (PDF)

Overview of the selected projects and fellows (PDF)

#feministcurricula #intersectionality #designeducation

Feminist Curricula is an open online directory of educational design initiatives that uses feminist perspectives to explore alternative ways of learning and teaching. It is a sister project of depatriarchise design, an intersectional, feminist design research platform.

#AnimatedEssays #ClimateJustice #PosthumanistPhilosophy

We create animated essays that take radical and critical approaches to the current status quo in order to move people to feel differently, inspire them to imagine and to reflect on complex subjects. By transforming academic knowledge into an audio-visual experience, Just Wondering makes contemporary ideas from philosophy and sociology more accessible.*

#Illustration #socialchange #artivism

OUSA is an intersectional digital platform for marginalised and migrant perspectives. We raise awareness of inequity and discrimination by creating new forms of collaboration and sparking creative exchange. OUSA is welcome to everyone with a respectful, open and creative mind.*

#healthequity #healthadvocacy #darkmatters

The Dark Matters Database is a collaborative online portal documenting under-publicised illness presentations in Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC). It is built on crowdsourced symptom information in the form of text and/or images from anonymous submitters of colour around the world and will serve as a diagnostic aid for clinicians and a self-advocacy tool for BIPOC.

#FeministTech #GenderBasedViolence #DigitalSelfDefence

Chayn Italia is an intersectional feminist tech project for survivors of domestic abuse and frontline workers across Italy. The purpose of this project is to develop resources and run training sessions on the dual nature of tech, which can enable abuse but also be a tool for defence, resilience and positive connection.*

[multi’vocal] works towards an alternative future for digital voice-assistants by creating performative synthetic voices that can present with more than one age, gender and geographic origin.*

#CommunityBuilding #PossibleFutures #NetworksOfTrust

Networks of Trust is an offline network running on IPFS, which hosts stories about tech, population movements and the climate crisis. It proposes fiction as a method for building community, understanding the present moment and envisioning possible futures.

#enchantment #turfu #cocreation

Turfu is French slang for the future. The aim of this project is to create speculative futures for the French banlieues (suburbs) which counter the prevailing narratives of pessimism and deprivation. Not only are these misconceptions misleading, they stand in the way of the reinvention and reinvigoration of these urban neighbourhoods.*

#feministinternet #queeringvoiceai #syb

Syb is a voice interface designed by and for trans people which connects users to media created by the trans community. The project was developed through a participatory design process with a team of trans and non-binary people.*

#beyondthegreen #queerjournalists #groundedstories

Beyond the Green is a journalistic experimental project which explores feminist narratives about megaprojects that affect our lives, bodies, and territories. It combines investigative journalism, academic knowledge and artistic languages together in a documentary process with the aim of unveiling power dynamics in an increasingly digital world. It aims to strengthen narratives around social-environmental justice.

#feminism #grassroots #participation

HammamRadio is a feminist participatory online radio, launched from Berlin. It is a space where womxn, trans and queer folks organise, educate and carve out space to disrupt mainstream narratives.

#AI #Game #VisionaryFiction

Our project is a community co-designed critical card game that induces players to reflect on the absurdities of our technological present and imagine futures that are more fair.*

*Several people are involved in this project. The other Fellows involved can be found in this overview (PDF).