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Who: Apulum Forum

Where: Portugal, UK (Leeds and Northern England), Romania, Serbia (Belgrade), and online

When: 2021-2022

With: El Warcha, Heads Together ProductionKultur NeuDenken, Vizantrop

We have become islands of certainties, drifting apart physically due to the coronavirus crisis, but also mentally because of the manipulation of news and facts in our societies. We are now more than ever in danger of building walls between us and others, virtual and real ones. We tend to create self-reinforcing bubbles of certainty and beliefs. That is what The Fellowship of Questions hopes to counter. We are building a space that celebrates the power and liberating effect of asking a question when we have no idea of the answer. A space that moves beyond the binary question-and-answer framework and a place where complexity is valued rather than feared. Our project will make use of the strengths of our organisations at grassroots level, through workshops in five countries including groups of people of different ages, genders, sexual orientations, political views and understanding of the current situation. Can we question our enemies? Can we build on disagreement? We will test the concept of initiating discussions through questions in each of our countries – the UK, Serbia, Romania, Germany and Portugal - and document the results. Starting from these experiences, the online part of the project will be developed, adapting best practices in a website accessible to everyone, where people can connect, create an account and initiate or continue discussions exclusively through questions. We will share our experiences, both in technology and content, in order for other NGOs and/or initiatives to implement, test and improve them. The website and the methodology behind it will give people an opportunity to initiate discussions on topics that are important to them, to break barriers and connect people from all over Europe, regardless of their age, ethnicity, gender and worldview.