Who:  Kontrapunkt

Where: Skopje (N.Macedonia), Pristina (Kosovo)

When: 01.01.2022 - 31.12.2022

With: qendra multimedia

The project is a joint collaborative action by Kontrapunkt from Skopje and Qendra Multimedia from Prishtina and aims to provide a response to the direct needs of the cultural scene in the Balkan region in relation to a degrading social context. Witnessing the lack of real and sustained critique of new and dangerous developments in the political, social, economic and environmental space, our action will make use of the innovative tools of contemporary critical cultural practices, such as digital media and performance. We want to encourage a young generation of creatives to become more engaged with the above-mentioned topics and experiment with new models of critical culture.    

The proposed action will experiment with new digital platforms and contemporary performance models for cultural critique; the performative part of the project resulting from the two first working phases is intended as an open-ended space for constant adaptation and innovation.

The Critical labs will bring together a group of regional cultural workers, artists and theorists who will deliver a series of structural workshops within the format of two-week labs, and subsequent residencies, aimed at the development of critical exchange and tools for addressing present social challenges. Taking place in Skopje and Prishtina, they will enable the local cultural community to engage with international facilitators, who will provide expertise and produce critical content.

Emerging critique is what will enable Kontrapunkt and Qendra Multimedia to further develop the production of new critique in culture, arts and theatre, to be disseminated via the digital platforms of both organizations - Digital Agora (Kontrapunkt) and SEE Stage (Qendra Multimedia). The need for this activity arises from the lack of locally produced and locally relevant critique, giving space to new voices of the young generation to participate in the public debate.

Performed critique will use the topics featured in the labs’ activities and the critical texts in the platforms as the basis for the two performative events which will further the aims of the whole project. The performative events will take place both in Skopje and Prishtina, with input and reactions from both cities. Both performances will involve regional experts in the performing arts and new digital technologies to deliver a hybrid and challenging model of social interaction.