Designed to “take them out of the camp, both mentally and physically”, Refocus program has been evolving from humble beginnings in 2017. The success they've had since has been built by developing a family of media creators who help one another learn and co-create. Beyond access to tools and teaching artists who help train, Refocus Media Labs provide a necessary safe space for students to explore the arts and express themselves. 
The media lab offers organized courses on multiple skill levels in core media creation workflows including studio photography, filmmaking, video editing, sound engineering, podcasting, graphic design and photographic printing. The media lab will not only ensure that new students develop and advance professional media creation skills, but will also provide employment for numerous teaching artists from within our refugee community. 

The open studio hours also serve as a free creative space for any refugee artist on the island to make their own media within a safe, inclusive and professionally equipped environment. By providing beneficiaries the space and tools to make their voices heard, develop their own stories and further report on the challenges they face, the media lab will reactivate an engaged artistic and open-minded community. 

ReFOCUS has always been focused on the future, and to date has trained hundreds of asylum seekers and recognized refugees in the creative and journalistic arts. Collaborations with international mainstream media partners, feature film productions, representation at professional conferences, film festivals and advocacy campaigns all provide ample opportunities for their students to apply and advance their skills. But it all comes back to the community they’ve built. Long after their time on Lesvos it is not the cameras, lights and computers they miss, but rather the growing family of creatives that they long to remain connected to.