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Who: The Beautiful Minds

Where: Berlin, Budapest, Prague

When: 2021

Roma Education Fund Budapest

Minor Swing Kids – that’s pulsating music and civil disobedience. That’s identity and a fight for recognition. Resistance and self-assertion. It is a living culture that stands in opposition to all the nationalistic currents haunting Europe nowadays. The well-known musician and singer Dotschy Reinhardt from Berlin and the stage director Stefan Herrmann are developing a musical theatre performance including Sinti and Romany from Berlin, Budapest and Prague.

"They have music in their blood!"
"Oh, if only we could live out our freedom like they do!"
"They collect double and triple welfare from the state and just rest on their lazy skin!"
"Watch out, they’re ripping you off!"

Society’s images of the Sinti and Romany are characterized by fascination and contempt. No other peoples in Europe have to struggle with such persistent clichés and racist prejudices. Since time immemorial, Sinti and Romany have been located on the peripheral areas of Europe’s metropolitan cities. As savages incapable of civilization with an innate migratory instinct, so the prejudice goes, they live in poor shantytowns among their own kind on the outskirts and come to the cities’ centres only to beg.
In Minor Swing Kids, Dotschy Reinhardt and Stefan Herrmann – both members of the minority – do away with all the stereotyped images and discriminating mechanisms. The audience is taken to places that the majority usually does not associate with Sinti and Romany – not shantytowns and pedestrian zones, but libraries and offices, museums and galleries, law firms and universities. Thus a new narrative is being written, not only of the minority but also of the places themselves.
Dancing to Minor Swing by Django Reinhardt. Showing the courage for civil disobedience – like the Swing Kids in the Third Reich. Both are combined in this musical theatre performance, creating a lively and powerful force that aims to resurrect a tolerant Europe in solidarity: Minor Swing Kids