Who: Projekt Fórum

Where: Slovakia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

When: 2022

With: East West Center

The Central European Forum in 2022 is a joint project of two grassroots cultural initiatives, organically related to each other - the Central European Forum to Bratislava and the East West Center in Sarajevo. Both share the same focus on authentic dialogue between the European and global East and West, North and South. In order to enhance and open up our national and regional contexts, both strive to blur frontiers between culture and societal reflection. And both are rooted in a long tradition of civic defiance and defence of human dignity. 

Both institutions are reacting together to the war in Ukraine and are dedicating this year's edition of the forum to the question of European co-responsibility for Putin's power and for the suffering of Ukrainians. "Leo Tolstoy's sentence keeps coming back to us: if you want to be against war, you have to be against despotism," says Marta Šimečková, the initiator and curator of the Central European Forum.
With Lyudmila Ulitskaya and Oksana Sabuschko, among others, this year's forum also wants to set an example for cross-border solidarity with opposition artists from the entire region. A retrospective of the Ukrainian director Myroslaw Schlabopytskiy is also planned.

More information about the program will follow.