LIVINGdream wants to motivate young generations in particular to become the creators of implementable, flexible and solution-oriented worlds themselves. By playfully building bridges, the project wants to make international networks easier to experience for the participants and to examine individual everyday life, daily habitual actions and seemingly natural circumstances in the context of larger socio-cultural contexts.
In a digital, virtual "we-space", LIVINGdream creates an avatar-based playful exploration field that aims to connect young people from different European countries who are interested in shaping a sustainable future. Participants log into the game and create an individual profile, for which they will, among other things, calculate their own ecological footprint. Depending on the level of the game, they have the opportunity to join international groups to search for solutions they can only find together in order to score points. With the help of several sustainability indicators, the players can recognise larger international connections and interdependencies behind the situations and issues they decide upon in their different game levels. Here both individual and collective skills and competences conducive to mastering current socio-cultural challenges can be tested creatively. The project wishes to encourage and enable young generations to playfully shape and try out their vision of the future, with fresh ideas and clever approaches in a virtual space. Herein lies the opportunity to train and take responsibility for social challenges in their own lives, both individually and collectively. LIVINGdream wants to contribute to social engagement among young generations, and also to promote a collective "We-feeling" in times of coronavirus-mandated social distancing and form international alliances among young generations.