Who: Floating University

Where: Berlin, Germany

When: January 2021 - May 2022

With: KABK/Den Haag, Trans305/Ivry sur Seine, M7/Buenos Aires, CCA/SanFrancisco, EDA/Trafaria/Portugal, Basurama/Madrid, Tblisi Architecture Biennal, Atelier BowWow/Tokyo, City Futures/UWE/Bristol, Geheimagentur/Hamburg, collectif etc./Marseille

EXTRADISCIPLINARY! is a European project at the Floating University Berlin, in which thinking in disciplines is deconstructed and reassembled. It's about the question of how we can learn and practice transdisciplinary thought and apply it to our daily work. 

EXTRADISCIPLINARY! is an artistic research project, its public negotiation and a public campaign. The four components of the project are:

The Institute for Cross Pollination, in which research and experimentation on extra-disciplinary thinking and acting in different ways are carried out. How can art and sport, urban planning and choreography, or composting and composing be linked? 

In the Workshop on Tools for Knowledge Transfer, existing methods for transepistemic processes are sought, presented to the public and consciously experimented with hybridizations.

The Salon Extradisciplinaire is a public series of events taking place irregularly for a year in the Floating University in various formats. To do this, urban people should be identified whose work understands our world in a magical way and generates new coordinates on the navigation map through diverse transformation scenarios. Above all, the Salon Extradisciplinaire is a space where guests can spend time, get to know our research teams and deposit their knowledge.

The Office for Synergy Effects is responsible for identifying people who have interesting positions, backgrounds, reports and ideas in this sense. In order to save resources and build new networks, the office examines programmes from Berlin-based institutions and spots people who can contribute to the project. The project thus complements the programme of the Floating University, which in 2021/22 will continue to research on evaluating and applying knowledge about how we can spend our everyday lives in a more climate-friendly, solidarity-based and resilient manner.