Who: n-ost

Where: Germany, Greece, Poland, Romania and online

When: 2021-22

Athens live
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The pan-European newsletter for documentary photography "European Images" dedicates its first issue to the topic of “war” and features the young Ukrainian journalist Oksana Parafeniuk, who is photographing in the war zone. 

n-ost has launched a fundraising campaign with several partners for independent Ukrainian journalists on the ground and in exile, which makes protective and emergency equipment as well as the maintenance of reporting and research possible.  

About the project:
Many young, well-trained and committed documentary photographers have experienced, not least during the pandemic, that as individuals they no longer have an answer to all the challenges of their profession. Faced with complex realities, documentary photography, like text-based journalism, increasingly demands a dialogic, collaborative, and transnational method of working.

The project dummy "European Images" connects documentary photographers from all parts of Europe with each other and with independent publishers in Greece, Romania and Poland, which are also project partners. This facilitates and promotes professional exchange. The result of the project will be a European publication.

Over the entire period of the project, the documentary photographers, coordinated by n-ost, meet once a month online with each other and once a month with the editors for a regular, professional exchange. In the first five months of the project, these meetings serve to conceptualize the content and structure of the collaboration and the planned publication. In the following twelve months, these meetings are primarily dedicated to the concrete planning, production and editing of the total of six planned issues of the English-language publication.

The documentary images of the photographers involved are at the core of the publication. Documentary photography operates between journalistic and artistic engagement. Addressing the recipient directly, it can depict complex realities across languages. This enables new approaches to topics that are relevant for the whole of Europe. The experienced editors of the project partners supervise the topic-setting and the corresponding texts.

The publication deliberately addresses both a specialist audience and a broad public. In keeping with the collaborative production process, the form of the publication focuses on a newsletter format in which all contributions are presented equally.

 In addition, three public events organized by the project partners will take place. These events give interested members of the public the opportunity to get to know the project, the photographers and their core interests with regard to content, but also facilitate a dialogue at eye-level.

 The project "European Images" promotes the potential of documentary photography on two levels. On the one hand, the networking of European documentary photographers and editorial offices strengthens cross-border collaboration. On the other hand, the publication and events open up access to documentary photography to a broad public and provide an alternative view of Europe.