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Datteltäter Academy

Who: Datteltäter

Where: Berlin, London & online

When: 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2021

With:YouTube Creators for Change Programm#Nichtegal

The most effective way to change the world is through telling better stories. The Dattetäter Academy is a fellowship programme for 10 young content creators - who are BIPOC, children of migrants, or as we prefer to call them, Third Culture Kids - who show promise in the creative and political field. The programme, launched in February 2021, was created by the team of the YouTube channel Datteltäter.  A major part of this programme are the international partnerships and collaborations that strengthen a sense for democracy, while being aware of the relevance of using our privileges to actively partake in it through cultural production and educational content. It is an opportunity to learn from the best of the best, no matter where they are. 

At its core, the initiative highlights the stories told by content creators contributing to social discourse. Given the platform built by the team at Datteltäter, this means the fellows will have access to a massive audience. Datteltäter represents what we hope to see in our fellows - creatives who may be focusing on their specific experiences/communities that have mainstream appeal to audiences in Germany and abroad. 

In addition to providing a platform for their work, the programme also prepares the creators to continue producing high quality work through targeted mentorship and a rigorous workshop series. As part of the programme, fellows will produce a final project tackling a social issue of their choosing to be presented at a final screening event in Berlin. This programme focuses on the fellows’ creative talent, as well as their social and emotional growth as change-makers in society.

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