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Datteltäter Academy

Who: Datteltäter

Where: Berlin, London & online

When: 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2023

With:YouTube Creators for Change Programm

The Datteltäter Academy is a fellowship programme for young BIPOC content creators and artists showing promise in the creative field. The programme seeks out young content creators contributing to social discourse through their work. The Academy challenges fellows to be informed about socio-political issues that require critical thinking and a vision of sustainable change. The network of people involved in this programme – from fellows to mentors and the Datteltäter team – are, and will continue to be, at the forefront of cultural creation and change in Germany. The aim is to support the continued work of all these social change-makers. The Datteltäter Academy is a place for fellows to explore new ideas, giving them the chance to create a project reflecting the realities they are living with every day.

In addition to providing a platform for their work, the Academy also prepares young creators to continue producing high quality work through targeted mentorship and a rigorous workshop series. As part of the programme, our fellows produce a final impact project tackling a social issue of their choosing to be presented at a final event in Berlin. Every year, we gather our fellows for retreats in Berlin, to host a series of workshops and build bonds of community between each class of fellows. One of our main goals is building bridges between artists of all kinds based in Europe, while elevating the often-overlooked stories they carry as members of various migrant communities. While our programme runs for about 7 months, the bonds and relationships formed far outlast our programme, and that has been one of the greatest measures of success for us.

Our fellows are based primarily in Germany, but the programme is open to those living in the EU. Fellows in the Academy cover a wide range of disciplines, including videography, photography, video and music production, graphic design, digital illustration, and much more. 

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In the first episode of our series Beyond the Scenes, we bring you an exclusive insight into the project Datteltäter Academy. Its makers explain what is being done now and in the future for our next generations!