Who: Kontrapunkt

Where: North-Macedonia & online

When: 2020-2021


CRIC is actively committed to questioning models of cultural action based on the principles of diversity and integration, and to enable democratic models of critical knowledge production and distribution, emphasizing the idea of changing and shaping societal values through the connection between contemporary art, culture, and politics. The project will provide a platform that stands in defence of the right to critical culture, the one that continuously shifts borders of emancipatory policies in the socio-cultural space. 

The project encompasses three interventions: 

1. “Thinking out loud” – a series of workshops, seminars and residencies that will cover topics related to socio-cultural analysis and links between the political, the artistic, and the critical. The seminars and the residencies will cover basic critical and argumentative theory, the history of critical thought, and critical writing and debating skills. The main focus is on the tools for critical argumentative writing in the sphere of socio- cultural phenomena, contemporary artistic practices, including gender, feminist and LGBTQI perspectives. 

2. The “CRIC Festival” is an international forum for critical culture: an acronym for critique, reaction, idea, confrontation (also a Macedonian noun meaning “scream”), it aims to oppose a “culture of silence”. Its hybrid programmatic concept connects artists, cultural workers, theorists, activists and local communities on a regional and international level, in order to stimulate critical thought and dialogue, and accentuate the importance of social participation in processes of societal transformation. The project plans to deliver public lectures, panel discussions, translations, and a curated movie programme addressing topics of human rights and society. 

3. “Embedded freedoms” – an online repository and magazine of critical thought that will synthesize all the written and visual materials produced by the other clusters. It will host an online magazine that, among other relevant topics, will showcase examples of creative cooperation and support of civil society by public authorities in EU countries and provide a newsfeed related to freedom of opinion and expression.