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Who: The Beautiful Minds

Where: Berlin & Budapest

When: 2021-2022

Romano Glaszo
Fonds Darstellende Künste et al.

World Premiere at Theater im Delphi

Premiere: 28 April 2022 at 7:30 pm

Further performances: 29 & 30 April 2022
at 7:30 pm

What do you see when you see me? What do I see when I look at me? What do I see when I look at you?

Every day, Sinti:zze and Rom:nja move in a world of foreign attributions and prejudices. Numerous clichés and stereotypes are projected onto them from the outside: they are supposed to be music-making nomads and spirited dancers, unattached and free, including romantic campfires in the woods. But what if reality deviates from these cemented images? And what if it doesn't?

How do I go my own way independent of all external circumstances and perceptions? How can I be myself, with all my facets and contradictions?

Together with Sinti:zze and Rom:nja from Hungary and Germany, director and Sinto Stefan Herrmann tells of empowerment and self-assertion, of double exclusion, of stereotypes reproduced again and again and the attempt to invalidate them. With the ensemble of the Hungarian dance group “Romano Glaszo” he asks: How can the visibility of one's own identity function in a world full of prejudices? And what price am I willing to pay for my struggle to overcome resistance?

Director: Stefan Herrmann
Musical Director: Dotschy Reinhardt
Stage Design and Costume Design: Veronika Witlandt
Dramaturgy: Juliane Hendes
Translation: Timea Olga Nagy

Participants: Krisztina Bajnóczi, Edina Dénes, Brigitte Herrmann, Sarolta Lakatos, Melanie Weiss, Béla Feka, Mark Feka, Willi Herrmann, György Lakatos, György János Lakatos