With Eva Illouz and Shoshana Zuboff

Moderation: Catherine Newmark

Recorded live on 30 June 2020 at Allianz Forum Berlin

For the third edition of our digital live-series „One crisis, many faces”, Berliner Korrespondenzen brings together sociologist Eva Illouz and economic scientist Shoshana Zuboff. Our guests connect from their homes to moderator Catherine Newmark on stage. Together they discuss three theses on how Corona might impact our societies.

We stand at a crossroads. Slowly, a post-Corona-time is taking shape. We are learning to live with the virus.  We do not touch each other in public. Apps track our contacts and medical expertise is advancing. At the same time, social problems that had been pushed into the background of media coverage are coming back to the fore. People are protesting around the globe against inequality, against racism, against the state – not because of, but in spite of Corona. Did the virus really change the structures of our social life? Do we go back to the status quo? Or will it get worse?
For those who cannot connect live, a recording of the discussion will be available as a video and as a podcast online. 

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© Ute Langkafel / MAIFOTO
© Shoshana Zuboff
© Catherine Newmark