A recording of the event will be made available soon. In GERMAN LANGUAGE.  

Debate with Friedemann Karig, Quang Paasch and Zara Zandieh. Moderation: Esra Küçük

Film: Zamani, Director: Zara Zandieh

In German

6 April 2022, 6pm CET / UT+1

Live at Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin and livestream

An evening for all age groups: The Berliner Korrespondenzen tackled the topic of climate justice in the fourth edition of the Break-Up series. Because the fight against climate change affects us all: young and old, poor and rich, in the Global South and North. But we experience our planet’s dramatic changes in very different ways and have different views of what they mean for the future – and what we can do to combat them.

Quang Paasch from Fridays For Future, author of non-fiction Friedemann Karig and director Zara Zandieh talked with Esra Küçük about how we can overcome the borders between different generations, cultures and spheres to reach agreements on climate change, and how storytelling and fantasy help in finding a future worth living in for everyone.

The programme started  with the theatre premiere of Zamani, a short film by Zara Zandieh. In this futuristic story permeated with magic moments, four siblings from a different time-space-reality come together to summon one of their forebears from the past. The ancestor has a message ready for them. 

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