Who:  Les Têtes de l'art

Where: France, Greece, Tunisia, Egypte and online

When: 2022-2023



Scouts de Sfax, Tunisia

Banlastic, Egypte

Art for Clim’act proposes to connect people on an emotional level focusing on  questions of climate change and its impact on socioeconomic justice, through artistic and creative actions. To reach this goal, the project aims to set up participatory artistic actions led by artists and accompanied by young activists on behalf of the environment. These actions aim to build a bridge for dialogue between civil society and policy makers in Europe and the Mediterranean area, enabling support for advocacy against climate change.

Climate change has consequences for the ecosystems of the planet, but it also has notable impact on society and its inhabitants. Indeed, the changes observed in the climate tend to increase the socio-economic fractures in developing countries and affect the most vulnerable populations: they are - as so often - the first to be exposed to the problems of climate, pollution and health. 

Local pollution, caused mainly by developed countries and the higher socio-economic classes, has considerable global impacts, affecting the entire world population. That’s why common and coordinated actions with a local and global impact are the best way to respond to the new challenges resulting from environmental degradation.

Many young people and artists aware of these realities are now expressing themselves or taking action: since 2014, the Workshops for Young Mediterranean Citizens (AJCM in French) - a network that brings together young people from more than 14 Mediterranean and European countries – take action and advocate against social justice issues and climate changes.

With the help of experienced artists, the AJCM community decided to create different ways of communicating about sustainable development, using art as a lever for action and awareness. The objective of Art for Clim'act is to raise awareness about climate change by promoting the creation of artistic and cultural experiences.

During the project, within the framework of the AJCM programme, other young people and collectives from other Mediterranean countries will be invited to take part in the dissemination activities: (Lebanon, Algeria, Macedonia, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Armenia, etc.).