Funding Guidelines

  • have a high level of artistic and content quality
  • respond to challenges in society
  • adopt a translocal and cross-border approach
  • make Europe tangible through critical engagement and by means of constructive offerings and ideas
  • develop a concrete impact over the medium and long term and promote social cohesion within society
  • work across sectors and disciplines and facilitate sustainable networking between involved players and organisations
  • contribute to proactive knowledge production and transdisciplinary exchange of experiences
  • think in terms of intersectionality, inclusion and equitable participation and are committed to playing a proactive role in developing this mindset
  • are joint ventures between equal partners and empower upcoming young-generation protagonists and non-established players in their field
  • strike out on pathways with courageous ideas and innovative formats
  • Full finance of a project
  • Individual persons and individual cases (travel and training costs)
  • Grants outside our own foundation programmes (training/doctoral scholarships)
  • School and university activities
  • Publications not related to a financed project (e.g. printing subsidies towards the cost of publication)
  • Material costs for artistic productions
  • Film productions
  • Artwork or real-estate acquisitions
  • Austerity funding to meet financial shortfalls or budget gaps in government funding and non-project-related costs
  • Evaluation measures outside our own foundation programmes
  • Building measures
  • Ongoing infrastructure costs or acquisition of technical equipment
  • Benefit events and charity galas
  • Events in the sports and entertainment sectors
  • Commercial productions, events and sponsorship activities

We accept project proposals all year.

Step 1 – Project Outline

  • Read our grant-giving criteria and the call for projects carefully, checking whether your project fits our criteria and our thematic focuses.
  • Send your completed project outline and the separate data protection declaration via email to
  • Please submit your project outline as a digital pdf-file (not as a scan). Please only use the free Acrobat Reader to fill out the form. The software can be downloaded here.
  • We currently do not accept any project outline.

Step 2 – Invitation to Submit a Grant Application

  • We will confirm receipt and examine your project outline. If your project conforms to our criteria and our focuses, we will send you further documents which you will need to complete in order to submit a full application. Otherwise, you will receive a rejection letter.
  • Should you have questions regarding the completion of the application, please contact the person specified in our email.
  • Please note: we recommend submitting your project outline as early as possible. If the project outline is submitted at short notice, please note that there will be less time for you to submit your complete grant application. In these cases, we are unfortunately only able to offer limited consultation and advice on your application.

Step 3 – Submitting your Application

  • An application consists of the finance plan and a detailed project description including a timeline (max. 10 pages).
  • The project description should be handed in as a PDF document not exceeding 10 MB in size. The finance plan must be submitted separately as an open Excel file.
  • Please send the completed application to the contact person named in your email. You will be emailed a confirmation of receipt.
  • We ask for your understanding for the fact that incomplete grant applications cannot be accepted or processed.

What else is important?

  • The grant amount requested should be between 40,000 and 80,000 Euros.
  • We cannot fund projects fully; the grant amount requested may not exceed 50% of a project’s total costs. For projects spanning several years, a finance plan split up into individual years must be submitted.
  • Applications may be submitted in German or English.
  • Successful applications will be announced in December and July , following the meetings of the foundation’s board.