Guidelines & Application Process

The submitted applications should comply with the foundation's guidelines. As a general rule, the foundation funds joint non-profit projects involving partners from at least three different countries. Aside from demonstrating the requisite artistic or scholarly quality, projects must make clear that all cooperating partners are equal partners, equally responsible for their project's conceptual and financial planning and execution. Projects should be designed to create durable connections between the participating actors. Furthermore funded projects should be conceived to make long-term, broad-based effects. All grant applications that comply with the foundation's funding guidelines and are received on-time by the Allianz Cultural Foundation are first put up for discussion by the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board then expresses its recommendations to the Board of Trustees. The latter body then makes the final decision on funding.
  • The application deadline for projects in the year 2019 was on 1 March 2018.
  • The application deadline for projects in 2018 has passed.
  • Applications must be received on time by email at the following address: Application by mail (post) is only possible in exceptional and justified cases.
  • Applications should not exceed 5 pages in length, and must include the following components: application form; page budget; detailed project concept (key points: description, time line, project partners). The application form and the template for the budget plan will be uploaded to our website in due course.
  • If possible, all individual components of the application should be coalesced in a single PDF file not exceeding 5 MB in size.
  • The Allianz Cultural Foundation cannot fully finance a project (maximal possible funding = 50%).
  • Your budget should clearly indicate which concrete subtotal is being requested from the Allianz Cultural Foundation, and for what purpose(s).
  • Project grants are limited to one year. Application for renewal is possible.
  • single individuals
  • Individual/artist grants (certain targeted Allianz Kulturstiftung initiatives excepted).
  • external publications with no established relationship to a funded project
  • Material costs for creative productions
  • film productions
  • purchases of furnishings or art objects
  • full financing of a project
  • Institutional overhead and other non-project specific costs (i.e. shortfall and/or budget gap financing).
  • renovation or restoration work
  • purchase of technical equipment
  • benefits, sporting and entertainment events
  • commercial productions, events and sponsoring activities

Applications are accepted in German or English. Please take care to use the correct application form for your language of choice.

At least different three countries in Europe or from the immediate vicinity must be involved in the project you are planning. However, please note that the decisive factors in your application's success will be the quality of your project and the degree of interconnection it establishes between countries and organizations, not the nationality of the applicant(s) and/or project partners. Your project may optionally involve organizations and/or institutions in Germany. German involvement is not mandatory.

No. Individual grants are not awarded.

Non-profit organizations and/or institutions may submit grant applications. Individuals may not apply.

Your international project partners must be on equal standing, equally involved in your project's planning and execution, and they must benefit from our funding. Please make the division of labor as envisioned by all parties clear in your application.

The grant awarded by the Allianz Cultural Foundation may not exceed 50% of the total project budget. There is no fixed upper limit, because the amount of funding depends on diverse factors, including each project's scope and duration, the number of partners involved, etc.

Grants are project-related. Overhead costs may comprise up to 20% of the total requested funding. Furnishings, purchases of technical equipment, renovational and/or conversion work, and other similar capital investments may not be included in the funding scheme.

Your application must be submitted electronically. The next deadline is 1 March 2018. That means your electronic application must be received on or before 1 March.

You will be given confirmation of receipt automatically. Final decisions are usually sent out per email by the middle of July. Please double-check that the contact information you provide is both accurate and complete.

Applications may be re-submitted if the project has evolved since being rejected. Please review the latest funding criteria before re-submitting to make sure that your project still fulfills them. Do update your application materials as needed.

As sponsor the Allianz Cultural Foundation has a great interest in the results of and reporting on your project following its completion. Therefore, we highly look forward to your final report and would like to invite you to consider the following information and questions:
  • Brief summary of the project and its individual stages (including possible amendments to the initial project proposal)
  • Were the project goals met? What are concrete results and findings?
  • Was the target group reached?
  • Feedback: What worked well and what did not, why? How was the collaboration with the project partners? How were the responsibilities divided? What are possible improvements and necessary modifications?
  • Actors involved (e.g. artists, speakers)
  • Project partners
  • Other sponsors
  • In case of an event: number (and profile) of the participants and guests
  • Public relations work and results (e.g. press clipping)
  • Materials (e.g. photographs, videos, audio material, publications, related links, quotes, third-party feedback)
  • What will happen to the project results (medium- and long-term)?
  • Continuation of the project / possible follow-up projects?
Additionally, we ask that you submit a financial report including all statements/receipts detailing the use and application of the expended funds.