Media Art Workshop Series and Masterclasses

In the year-long Media Art Workshop Series and Master Classes, emerging media artists experimented with an array of media in a setting that promoted exchange with other artists and experts. The workshops were designed to catalyze new developments in media art both in Morocco and throughout the Arab world.
During the different workshop phases, participants honed their skills in various media (including digital film, video installation, digital mapping and net art). They also practiced critical thinking about their own work from the dual perspective of artistic quality and project management. Aside from technical skills, the workshop handled conceptual, philosophical, political and social aspects of the creative process. The influence of a given media, and media art in general, on artistic expression and personal development played a particularly important role in those discussions. Over the course of the project, each participant developed one piece that was ultimately presented before a large audience at the Digital Marrakesh Festival.

The 5th edition of DIGITAL MARRAKECH Festival / DM 5, was held from 29 Nov to 17 Dec 2016, in several cities in Morocco.

Workshop, Marocco January - May 2016