Transformation through arts and the law - Artistic and legal interventions

Many artists, activists and lawyers defend social justice with their specific discourses and media. Only through the complementary interplay of different voices can one actively intervene in systems. For social and human rights discourses cannot be considered separately.

Exploring the possibilities and limits of complementary actions in the field of art & law through the aid of digital technologies is the goal of the project "Transformation through arts and the law - Artistic and legal Interventions". 

The basis, or rather the "working material", are recorded conversations between artists and lawyers. These conversations will not be published as closed, monolithic "podcast episodes" - but will be made "readable" using machine learning-based technology.  The visualization will be published on a website and will provide an interface for accessing all audio recordings thus divided. Viewers/listeners will be able to follow non-linearly and purposefully those parts of the conversation they find most interesting and contextualize them with each other. And thus find a personal path through the conversations.

The project is carried out by the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR), a non-profit and independent human rights organization in Berlin that works with victims and partners to confront injustice.