Kunst & Recht

Art & Justice

Art has always played an important role as a means of expression for resistance and human rights movements - because it can shake people awake, because it can point out grievances, denounce injustice and make human fates palpable.

The project "Art and Law" ("Kunst und Recht") aims to create a transdisciplinary hub for the development of artistic forms of intervention that actively contribute to the enforcement of human rights. The aim is to build bridges between activism, law and art in order to make complex legal issues emotionally comprehensible and to convey difficult topics. 

International artists, scientists, lawyers and affected persons are invited to exchange ideas and work out strategies together on artistic, legal and discursive levels. In addition to several internal workshops and networking meetings, there will also be a public closing event. The central question of the project examines the relationship between art and resistance. 

The project is realized by the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR), a non-profit and independent human rights organization in Berlin that opposes injustice together with those affected and partners.

Cooperation partners are Forensic Archicture - a transdisciplinary collective that reconstructs scenarios of human rights violations in meticulously researched and impressive as well as  informative visualizations - and the Magnum Foundation - a foundation close to the world-famous Magnum Agency that supports aspiring photographers to develop new forms of narration and generate social impact.