Inappropriate Monuments

Watch out! The monument is crumbling © Social Fringe

Inappropriate Monuments forms a collaborative platform for organizations and institutions from SFRY successor states to critically analyze socialist heritage and its current state bearing in mind the on-going process of revision and revalorisation of socialist heritage.

The platform develops and supports the design of innovative and engaged cultural and artistic practices. It is intended to connect the institutions and independent organizations, empower their capacities and distribute their results thereby advocating a regulated international strategy concerning the National Liberation Struggle heritage.

For that purpose activities such as research and mapping of the historical monuments will be conducted alongside interviews of people who were responsible for their installation and maintenance. Other activities will include organizing student workshops and conferences for experts, and setting up exhibitions and artistic interventions. The central activity of the platform is the development of a website and online database about the platform, its activities and its members.

Workshop in Macedonia (Dunja and Skopje) and Round Table: "In-appropriate monuments - what to do with the socialist heritage?", 15-17 September

Round Table: “From revisionism to revalorization. What is the place of the monuments of the PLW and the Revolution in public discourse of Serbia?”, Museum of Yugoslavia, Belgrade, Serbia, 6th June 2017

Conference "War, Revolution and Memory", 17-18 February 2017 Zagreb (Mimara Museum)

Workshop "(In)appropriate Monuments: BIH memorial collections in transition", 22-29 April 2017, History Museum of BIH, Sarajevo