Heroes We Love.
Ideology, Identity and Socialist Art in New Europe

Socialist art is still a controversial topic in 20th-century European art history, even beyond Southeastern Europe.

This interdisciplinary research and exchange project with partners from Albania, Croatia and Serbia delved deeper into the cultural, social and political background of socialist art. Beyond putting in place a theoretical/analytic framework and connecting people and ideas at a series of three conferences hosted by each of the project's three partner institutions, Heroes We Love built a long-term network by setting up a collaborative online platform for the exchange of knowledge.

The project sought to piece together a picture of the phenomenon of socialist art within its cultural, ideological and political context via interdisciplinary research. Heroes We Love scrutinized a time frame running from the earliest days of the socialist states in Southeastern Europe all the way into the present. Researchers, art historians, critics, artists and curators were invited to participate not only from the region, but also from all of Europe.

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06-07 November 2015 : "Socialist Monuments and Modernism"; BLOK and MaMa, Zagreb, Croatia > Program

29–30 April 2016 : "The Art of the Socialist Period between Contempt, Fetishism and Transition"; Tirana Art Lab and Natural Historical Museum, Tirana, Albania > Program

29-30 September 2016 : "Nostalgia on the Move"; Museum of Yugoslav History, Belgrade, Serbia