BAUNET – Bauhaus Networking Ideas and Practice

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The international research, archival, exhibition and networking project BAUNET studied both the extent of Bauhaus influence in 20th-century Southeastern Europe and the activities of Southeastern European artists who trained at the Bauhaus.

As long as the Bauhaus existed, the ideas and concepts espoused by the school spread over all of Europe and would ultimately grow into a global phenomenon. As of 2014, neither the activities of Southeastern European Bauhaus students and the legacy of their practices, nor the influence of the Bauhaus idea on post-war art in the region had been subjects of targeted research. The research and exhibition project BAUNET took steps to close that gap.

BAUNET encompassed research into the works of individual artists and groups, the digitalization of art and archival materials, the development of a BAUNET online portal and database that would be able to serve as starting points for future research. BAUNET events spanned conferences, workshops, lectures and finally exhibitions in each of the partner countries during 2015.

Artists, groups and topics that were studied:

Otti Berger (1898 – 1944), Gustav Bohutinsky (1906 – 1987), Avgust Černigoj (1898 – 1985), Selman Selmanagić (1905 – 1986), Ivana Tomljenović Meller (1906 – 1988), Hubert Hoffmann (1904 – 1999), EXAT 51 (1950 – 1956), The B Course (1960 – 1961)

Studentenausweis Ivana Tomljenović
Ivana Tomljenović's Student ID Card