Unfinished Palace, Moving People, Floating Borders/European Songlines

In the aftermath of World War II, thousands of people came and went through Dworzec Świebodzki (formerly Freiburger Station) in Wrocław (European Capital of Culture 2016). It was Europe's largest story of population expulsion, transfer and resettlement. Today, only part of the station is being used for cultural purposes, but in 2016 it became the scene of a complex exploration of uprooting, shifting borders, displaced persons and the elusive question of European identity.

In UNFINISHED PALACE, MOVING PEOPLE, FLOATING BORDERS/EUROPEAN SONGLINES, European artists from all over the continent confronted the recollection of their own history, migration and what it means to be a European. The event countered new nationalisms and populist movements.

Over 30 European artists working in diverse media and writers arrived from seven countries to spend one month animating twelve sites on the station grounds in a program of performances, exhibitions, films, installations and concerts. Viewers discovered the different places and activated their “sense memory” to construct their own story within a dramatic total installation that interrogates European identity.