TV Free Europe

© Anna Vörös


30 years after Radio Free Europe influenced and transmitted the Fall of the Iron Curtain, the Budapest-based art collective Pneuma Szöv. with partners from 5 countries explore buried hopes and potentials of freedom of speech today. TV Free Europe is a nomadic project with practical research formats, performative interventions, workshops and live shows taking place in the border region of Hungary (Szombathely),  Austria (Oberwart)  and Slovenia (Nova Gorica), as well as in Budapest, Leipzig and Copenhagen. 

One of the main demands of active citizens in Central and Eastern Europe in the late 80s was the right for information and a democratic public sphere. In 2020 we face a narrowing public sphere with increasing restrictions on the freedom of press, assembly and expression in many European countries and beyond. 

TV Free Europe reacts to these trends by asking questions: Are today’s narratives of “change” able to tackle the social and environmental crisis we live in? Hasn’t mass media become, instead of being a source of information for all, a key to separate people into social bubbles? 

TV Free Europe imagines theatre as a free channel between people, a satirical alternative to mass media. It transgresses social bubbles and connects voices, locations, times and stories, historical topics with today’s and tomorrow's facts and fictions. It provides the joyful experience of “making TV” together through a series of practical research actions (many of which on the streets), public video shootings involving people with and without lived experience of the System Change and theatrical late night shows. The collected material will be published on a video channel, a homepage and printed zines. 

TV Free Europe was initiated by the Budapest-based artist co-op Pneuma Szöv. and KÖME - Association of Cultural Heritage Managers.