Meeting Points 8: Both Sides of the Curtain

Joe Namy, Live at the Paradox, variable media, installation view from Meeting Points 8 at La Loge (Brussels), December 2016. Photo by: Lola Pertsowsky


Dec 2017

Meeting Points 8 "Both Sides of the Curtain" is the eighth edition of Meeting Points – a multidisciplinary contemporary arts project that takes place every two years in several cities in Europe and the Arab World. Meeting Points is a place to imagine and interrogate models for the production and presentation of contemporary arts, developed through research in the Arab World. Inspired by German artist Oskar Schlemmer’s experiments with art at the Bauhaus in the 1920s, Meeting Points aims at inventing ways for new kinds of art to be created and shared between artists and publics. "Both Sides of the Curtain" began in Cairo in May 2016, moved on to Brussels in December 2016, and then to Beirut in April 2017. In December 2017 a final program including film, music and theatre stagings in Cairo presented co-productions from Beirut and Brussels, followed by discussions with the audience.
The Allianz Cultural Foundation also supported the previous edition of of the festival Meeting Points 7 "Ten thousand wiles and a hundred thousand tricks" which took place successively between September 2013 and June 2014 in Zagreb, Antwerp, Cairo, Hong Kong, Beirut, Vienna, and Moscow. Meeting Points 7 was prompted by the unfinished social and political processes of the Arab revolutions and the reconfiguration of capitalism throughout the world. It is evolving into a continual dialogue, playing with possibilities and exploring the limits of what an exhibition can convey in testing political times across neighboring and divergent spaces.Up-and-coming artists and artist groups from Europe and the Middle East had the chance to network with renowned art institutions. A North-South artistic dialogue was carried out at 5 locations (Zagbreb, Vienna, Cairo, Antwerp and Beirut). The exhibitions, performances and film screenings of young artists are complemented by discussions and seminars with young social scientists on topics such as education, religion, colonial history and economics.


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