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F.I.N.D. plus is a European exchange project in the context of the annual “Festival for International New Drama F.I.N.D.”, an initiative by Schaubühne at Lehniner Platz in Berlin. The ten-day workshop program took place for the seventh time in 2017. Every year, it brings together selected acting, directing and dramaturgy students from Germany (Hochschule für Schauspielkunst “Ernst Busch” Berlin, Universität der Künste Berlin), France (Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique Paris) and a third partner country.

The young theatre-makers meet the festival’s invited writers and directors, accompany the festival program, get to know one another and work together in workshops and masterclasses. F.I.N.D. gives young European directors and writers a voice and provides a space for shared reflection, exchanges, experiences and debates which transcend national, linguistic and cultural boundaries. Now more than ever, to be confronted in the theatre with their work and the realities of their lives sends an important signal: in a time when things which separate us have superseded the things we have in common, powerful social and political tensions are becoming apparent in western societies, the haves and have nots are drifting even further apart, the impact of global wars and crises and the refugee movements they cause are increasingly being felt in Europe, and borders are being closed and populist right-wing movements gaining power on our own doorsteps, during F.I.N.D. the theatre should be a place for exchange and dialogue across national borders.

Guest countries: Tunisia (2015), Turkey (2016), Greece (2017), Portugal (2018)

"Anything can describe how happy I am now and I feel now in myself such big hope for the theater nowadays... I really started to believe again that we - young people with such big passion and hope inside each of us - can do something in our countries, also together some day... and that now WE will be making theater and our own thinking and ideas can really improve theater. So, let's do it!..."

Angelika Stoklosa, student, Akademia Teatralna, Warsaw

2017 Greece was picked as host-country of F.I.N.D. plus. In addition to students of the Drama School of National Theatre in Athens, several students from Paris, Berlin, Rennes, New York, Liège and Modena participated in the programme. Like 2016, the young theatre people worked with acting coach Mike Bernardin, Grotowski adherent Grazyna Dylag, stage designer Jan Pappelbaum and other coaches in workshops for a period of ten days.

The year’s special guest country was Turkey with students from the Kadir Has University in Istanbul; and alongside them theatre students from the Tisch School/New York University and from Liège and Modena via the PROSPERO European Theatre Network of which the Schaubühne is a founding member. The young theatre-makers meet the festival’s invited writers and directors, accompany the festival program, get to know one another and work together in workshops with Grotowski adherent Grażyna Dylag, Meisner Technique acting coach Mike Bernardin, stage designer Jan Pappelbaum and theatre in education trainer Wiebke Nonne.

In 2015 the ten-day F.I.N.D. plus workshop program took place for the fifth time. The program brought together acting, directing and dramaturgy students from Germany, France and Tunisia. The students meet the theatre-makers invited to the festival, accompany the festival program, got to know one another and collaborated in masterclasses. And, for the first time, students from the PROSPERO European theatre network, of which the Schaubühne is a founding member, were also invited. So 2015 students from Berlin, Gothenburg, Liège, Modena, Paris, Rennes and Tunis took part.

In 2013, the F.I.N.D. plus workshop brought together acting and directing students from Rennes, Strasbourg, Paris, Budapest and Berlin. In the year of the 50th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty it was particularly delightful that future actors, directors and dramaturgs from Germany and France were again participating in“F.I.N.D. plus together. The students from the University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest were participating for the first time. Their school as well as the Hungarian theatre landscape is under drastic financial and nationalistic-authoritarian threat by the government. More importatnt than ever, to encourage an exchange between Europe´s future theatre makers!

After the huge success of the initial French-Russian-German theatre students’ workshop 2011 F.I.N.D. plus set up a dialogue between European theatre graduates, renowned artists and the Berlin audience for the second time in 2012. During the ten-day workshop, acting, directing and dramaturgy students from France, Poland, Palestine and Germany participated in activities led by the theatre.