FestivALT is an independent arts collective that produces an annual program of critically minded Jewish art and activism in Kraków, Poland. Blending visual art, theatre, site-specific performance, activist intervention, and community conversation, FestivALT engages with the most vital issues in contemporary Jewish Poland.

After the Holocaust and decades of repression under Communism, Jewish life in Poland is undergoing a revival. That revival is complicated—as fractious as it is full of promise, as tangled as it is exciting. Cut off from its pre-war heritage, contemporary Jewish culture in Poland faces a crisis: either replicate American or Israeli Jewishness or attempt to resurrect the yiddishkeit of the past.

FestivALT offers an alternative pathway, one that embraces diverse representations of Jewishness, emphasizes nuanced and critical perspectives, and focuses on the here and now. For 2020, FestivALT is presenting a 5-month season of work that will be presented online for audiences around the world as well as several COVID-safe project for local audiences in Krakow.

More information on how to participate can be found at FestivALT.com.