Altofest 202X - NOWHERE

No Place Here Any Place Now
© Vicky Solli
© Vicky Solli
© Vicky Solli
This Health crisis offers us a pause like a gift, a break, within which every meaning and custom can get lost or deviate, change its matter, move to another space. We have decided to accept the nature of this time which invites us to contemplation and which can be a sieve that reveals the essential and persistent roots of artistic and political action, such as Altofest has been since its birth in 2011.

Since it was born, in 2011 in Naples, Altofest was conceived as a human-specific project of experimental sociality. It is built with the participation of citizens, who host international artists in their homes, for two weeks. Houses become artistic residencies and performance's places open to the public. In 2018 Altofest exited the borders of Naples, inaugurating a series of special editions, commissioned by several European Capitals of Culture. So since 2018, the community of Altofest has expanded into new territories, involving new people, who beyond the geographical distance have developed a bond based on the principle of poetic citizenship.

To date, the 202X edition is ongoing, which responds to the health emergency by transforming the X edition, effectively extending Altofest's programming to an entire year, starting from June 2020, until June 2021. A year of transition during which we are experimenting with a series of "onLine/onLife '' events and devices; generating a poetic flow between tangible and intangible dimension, acting remotely and live, both simultaneously and in deferred mode. What guides us is the image of an ideal "hovering city" whose citizens are bound not by physical boundaries, but by the principle of "poetic citizenship"—a universal, democratic, solidarity-based principle.

Without surrendering to the temptation of drawing a calendar of pre-established events; we are developing an experience that can be widely spread over time and through different dimensions, including both its genesis in a virtual environment and its live fulfilment.

So, this Health crisis gives birth to a transition process, representing the starting point of Altofest 202X, generating its themes, contents and actions.