International Contemporary Live Arts
© Vicky Solli
© Vicky Solli

Altofest, a human-specific project created and curated by TeatrinGestAzione, was born in 2011 in Naples in the form of a live-art festival that is deeply grafted into the socio-urban fabric of the city. Citizens host international artists in their own homes and share time, space, artistic processes and daily life living together for two weeks:

Houses become a space for artistic creation during seven days of residency; then houses are open to the audience during the five days of the festival. The work of art breaks into everyday life, enabling the poetic part of existence to emerge.

Altofest is a space for research and a place to share artistic processes with the community; an observatory for new relations and for different ways to engage citizens in participatory art practices. It gives rise to a process of human regeneration by blending intimate and public dimensions to create a place where sharing different languages becomes the new glue of a transversal community. In 10 years, Altofest has built a project that truly engages with citizens who can shape, through performing arts, their city's culture.

Altofest is realized in cooperation with:

Valletta Cultural Agency (Malta) 

Producer Group DOT (Korea) 

Tenerife LAV  (Spain)