Weiter Schreiben

Writing On
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Weiter Schreiben (Writing On), an award-winning online portal for literature from zones of war and conflict, is growing and expanding its international scope. Since May 2017 writers from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen and Afghanistan, as well as Roma and Sinti authors, have published essays, poems and stories on weiterschreiben.jetzt. Through one-on-one exchanges, they work together with well-known German-speaking authors. Their texts are illustrated by artists from zones of war and conflict and published on the literature portal twice a month in the original language and with a German translation. With a Syrian-German team under the leadership of Annika Reich as artistic director, this project reveals the polyphony and diversity of contemporary literature in this part of the world.

Our authors write about the things that move them. Their poems, short stories and literary essays deal with love and desire, hopes and disappointments, as well as war and loss. They enrich the discourse in the media by cutting through stereotypes and enabling direct access to perspectives from current zones of war and conflict. Translations of their works build bridges into a new language area, allowing people in Germany and Europe to learn more about Arabic and Farsi literature, and daily life in zones of war and conflict. In this way, Weiter Schreiben encompasses not only the temporal continuum but also an extension of space, an expansion of perception.

The project's expansion in 2020 and 2021 includes literary performances and readings with music in the neighbouring European countries of Switzerland, Austria and Poland, and incorporating more authors from the Southern Mediterranean and MENA regions. Since it has proven to be successful and mutually beneficial, we're continuing to use the collaborative model of one-on-one literary exchanges.
Furthermore, a new edition of the Weiter Schreiben print magazine will be released in 2021.

Online discussion & reading with Yamen Hussein and Lena Gorelik