Junge Weltlesebühne - Youth World Reading Theater

In 2011, a group of children's and teen literature translators came together under the aegis of the non-profit Weltlesebühne (World Reading Theater) to develop and present an ongoing series of readings for children and teens. The Youth World Reading Theater offers readings from translated children's and teen literature, as well as workshops on various translation-related themes.

Beyond exposing literature to younger audiences, the project heightens and nurtures an early awareness for the challenges and beauties of translation. Since simultaneous translation and cultural transfer are part of their everyday realities, school children whose first language is not German can bring much of their own experience and skills to the table during those sessions and feel especially valued in the process. These children enjoy talking about the difficulties and unexpected turns that arise in moving between different languages and cultures, and their stories are instructive for translators and fellow students alike .

The Young World Reading Theater offers readings in Arabic, Czech, English, Finnish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and last but certainly not least, Turkish, plus French, Italian and Russian since 2017.