The Young Europeans Award is a trilateral contest under the patronage of the three Foreign Ministries of the Weimar Triangle partner countries that encourages dialogue and exchange between young people from Germany, France and Poland who are motivated to work together to shape a vibrant and future-oriented Europe. In the spirit of the “European Neighborhood Policy”, each edition of the contest invites a fourth non-EU guest country.

20 projects from young Europeans from Germany, France and Poland have been submitted to the Young Europeans Award 2018. This year's edition was on the topic “To be or not to be ... a European?” and set its focus on UK as a guest country, which was represented by UK-German Connection.

The winning project 2018 is “Three countries, six languages, one project: the Weimar Triangle on stage”. 24 hard-of-hearing and deaf pupils aged between 16 and 19 years from the German school Margarethe-von-Witzleben-Schule in Berlin, in cooperation with Centre Français de Berlin, the French institute for young deaf people Institut de Jeunes Sourds in Paris, in cooperation with the association Peuple et Culture and the Polish school for deaf people Instytut Gluchoniemych in Warsaw participated in the Young Europeans Award winners by creating a theatre project and an exhibition around the theme: “How are disabilities treated in the different European countries?”. According to the jury, this project “brings up the fundamental question that is valid all over Europe, which is the question of inclusion of all population groups and the overcome of mental, linguistic, social and other barriers”.

Additionally to the winning project a special jury prize has been awarded to a group of students, who in their project “Being a European European” realized a blog, including street interviews, internet surveys, learning apps and video statements according to the main theme of the contest. The jury wishes to reward these young people because their work is “synonymous with maturity and individual commitment, combined with a big creativity in a European dynamic”.

The two project groups won a trip to Warsaw, Polish capital and European metropolis, where they will be joined by a group of young people from UK in September 2018.

Contest submissions have been reviewed and evaluated by an international jury. The international competition jury 2017-18 consists of:

  • Volker Schlöndorff (director, screenwriter and producer, DE), President of the Jury
  • Nora Hamadi (artist, author and film maker, FR)
  • Véronique Cayla (president of ARTE-France, FR)
  • Thomas Harding (British author and journalist, UK)
  • Basil Kerski (Director of the European Solidarność Center in Gdansk and member of the board of trustees of the Allianz Cultural Foundation)

The guest country for the 2015-2016 program year was Ukraine.

Students aged 14 to 16 from the German Gabriele-von-Bülow-Gymnasium in Berlin, the French Collège Pierre Falanc in Belèves, the Polish Szkoła Podstawowa Zespołu Szkół im. Królowej Jadwigi in Jerzykowo and the Ukranian Melitopolska spetsializovana shkola-internat III stupenya “Tvorchist” ZOR in Melitopol', Zaporiz'ka Oblast participated in the Young Europeans Award with a group project on the theme question “How far does Europe reach?” and won a trip to the European institutions in Brussels. In their project “The colourful face of Europe”, the teenagers studied stories of migration in their own families as a way to better understand current migration-related issues in Europe.

The award ceremony was held in Brussels on 20 September 2016, with all three European Ministers from the Weimar Triangle in attendance.

All submitted projects were viewed and evaluated by the international jury of the competition edition 2015-16:

  • Volker Schlöndorff (director, screenwriter and producer, DE), President of the Jury
  • Anna Radwan (President of the Polish Robert Schumann Foundation, PL)
  • Nora Hamadi (artist, author and film maker, FR)
  • Antione Godbert (former Director of the French “Erasmus +” - Education and Training Agency, FR)
Young Europeans Award Edition 2015-16