© Espen Eichhoefer

In their joint exhibition Continent: In Search of Europe at Akademie der Künste Berlin,  the 23 members of the agency OSTKREUZ take a critical yet empathic look at the European present.

In doing so, they interrogate various aspects of coexistence in Europe — personal, social and political phenomena. In their positions as artists and photographers, they investigate such issues as identity and security, renationalisation, migration and integration and address fundamental questions of humanism, democracy and freedom of expression.

They always gain access to complex themes through images of people and their surroundings. As an artistic and political statement at Berlin’s Pariser Platz, the exhibition offers fruitful stimulus to the current debate on the future of Europe and asks: “How will our continent develop? And how will its people live together?”

On 11 November 2020, 7pm, the managing director of Allianz Kulturstiftung Esra Küçük takes part in a discussion on the possibilities and limits of photography as a medium of remembrance. The other panelists are: Dr. Brigitte Kölle (Director of the Galerie der Gegenwart an der Hamburger Kunsthalle), Anne Schönharting (OSTKREUZ-Photographer) and Maurice Weiss (OSTKREUZ-Photographer). Moderation: Dr. Jürgen Reiche (Historian and former director of Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig).
Jörg Brüggemann, Espen Eichhöfer, Sibylle Fendt, Johanna-Maria Fritz, Annette Hauschild, Harald Hauswald, Heinrich Holtgreve, Tobias Kruse, Ute Mahler, Werner Mahler, Dawin Meckel, Thomas Meyer, Frank Schinski, Jordis Antonia Schlösser, Ina Schoenenburg, Anne Schönharting, Linn Schröder, Stephanie Steinkopf, Mila Teshaieva, Heinrich Voelkel, Maurice Weiss, Sebastian Wells und Sibylle Bergemann.
OSTKREUZ — Agentur der Fotografen was founded in 1990, shortly after the fall of the Wall, by seven photographers in East Berlin in not yet-reunited Germany. Today OSTKREUZ is considered the foremost photographer collective in Germany. Its 23 members are award-winning author photographers. In 2013 OSTKREUZ was awarded the Konrad Wolf Prize by the Akademie der Künste for its outstanding artistic achievements.
© Ina Schoenenburg
© Sibylle Fendt