The main aim of the project "NEIGHBORS - Facing the Present" is to engage authors, artists and intellectuals in intense debates about current political and social challenges in different European countries (among others Hungary, Serbia, and North Macedonia) in order to empower the development of literary and arts connections in the region, to open borders, as well as to promote a culture of dialogue, reconciliation and reconstruction. 

The launch of the project took place in June at the renowned literature festival Krokodil in  Belgrade, Serbia. You can find some impressions of the discussion here.
The panelists Lana Bastašić (BiH), Rumena Bužarovska (NMK), Ferenc Cinki (HU), Kozmin Perca (RU), Georgi Gospodinov (BG) came together on Saturday June 8th in the Center for Cultural Decontaminiation, in a discussion moderated by Mima Simić (HR).
After the event in Skopje, North Macedonia in September 2019 the last debate will take place in Budapest.

12 December 2019