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MOULTAQA LEYMOUN is a platform that showcases and promotes the work of Arab choreographers. Founded in 2009 by Maqamat in Beirut, MOULTAQA LEYMOUN is a meeting place for emerging and established artists from Lebanon and other Arab dance scenes, bringing them together with the Lebanese audience and international dance professionals, critics, and producers. The platform has played an important role in giving emerging artists greater visibility and artistic opportunities, allowing future artistic residencies, collaborations and co-productions.

The eighth edition of MOULTAQA LEYMOUN will take place in Beirut during the BIPOD Dance Festival 2019 from 4to 7 April 2019. The program includes choreographers and dancers from Lebanon, Tunisia, Palestine, Jordan and Iran. In addition to the performances, this year’s edition will include two talks under the theme “A Rush of Adrenaline: Reinjecting Life into Performing Art Spaces”.

This year, the platform focuses on Lebanese artists, including full-length performances by established Arab artists. In a series of studio presentations, young emerging talents, their work and future projects will be presented to the public. The artists are also provided with the opportunity to present their work at the Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival and at the Amman Contemporary Dance Festival which are taking place over the same time period.

Maqamat is a Lebanese contemporary dance company that was founded by Omar Rajeh in Beirut in 2002.


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