globale° – festival for literature across borders

© Matej Meza

globale° – festival for literature across borders is an important forum for the spectrum of literary practices referencing the German-speaking world either linguistically, culturally or geographically. The festival positions itself as part of a larger ongoing dialogue between cultures, relative to current sociopolitical debates on diversity and integration.

Without losing its focus on current German-language literature, globale° – festival for literature across borders has evolved from its 2007 beginnings into an internationally networked festival that not only mirrors the variety and complexity of “Contemporary World Literature” but also brings authors together in overarching debates and breaks new ground in cultural education and humanities studies.

The 2017 festival spotlights Mediterranean coastal countries currently affected by waves of displacement. Writers from the Balkans, the Maghreb, Syria, Greece, Turkey and Italy encounter authors living in Germany, Austria and Switzerland whose literary practices are informed by their own experiences of uprooting.

Over the years, globale° has welcomed nearly every living author who has already found a home in the German language; many such writers have been connected with the festival from its inception. Inviting them to exchanges with guests from their respective countries of origin at panels and other festival events ensures the building of enduring relationships beyond borders and productively integrates the work of translation as a unique moment of cultural interconnection and border crossing.

globale° takes place in Bremen, Germany. International guest authors organize readings and panels at festivals in their home countries and invite their colleagues from the festival to participate, resulting in mutually deepened networks.