Abrahamic Teams in Mediterranean Countries

Abrahamic Teams in Mediterranean Countries is a project initiated by the Intercultural Council in Germany e.V. with the goal of easing tensions between Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities in Southern Mediterranean countries. 

Around the year 2000, tensions were already mounting between Jewish and Muslim populations in Germany, and, after 11 September 2001, the situation as a whole only deteriorated. The Intercultural Council in Germany came up with the concept of "Abrahamic Teams" in response to those developments. Jewish, Christian and Muslim figures visit schools and attend different events together, where they talk about and animate discussions on the commonalities and differences between their religions. 350 events have occurred so far.

Evaluations and first-hand experiences of these projects have shown that discord between members of the Abrahamic religions can be resolved and interfaith friendships can thrive. Building on that success, the Mediterranean Partnership discussion group was founded in 2013. Members include researchers and academics, religious and cultural figures, union members, journalists, development experts, doctors, etc., from countries including Germany, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Italy and Afghanistan.

The idea to reproduce the positive experiences with the Abrahamic Teams in Germany in Southern Mediterranean countries was one product of the discussion group. Following preparations in 2015, the first of these events were held in Israel and Egypt in 2016, and the series is scheduled to continue in 2017. Especially for young people, the project presents an innovative way of catalyzing exchange between European and Mediterranean countries.