Programme in Curatorial Research
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Qayyem  is an intensive programme for emerging curators seeking to discuss notions of education, self-organization and deep adaptation, as well as methodologies of hope in the arts and beyond. Up to six curators and researchers will be invited to meet three times over a period of six months to explore different forms of curatorial knowledge, individually and collectively, working together with internationally renowned curators, thinkers and practitioners. The final part of the program is a four-week residency in Alexandria.

Curators chosen by the jury for the Quayyem-program 2019: 

Noor Abed (Palestine/USA), Areej Al Huniti (Jordan), Maxime Gourdon (France), Mohammad F. Kalfat (Egypt), Lila Nazemian (Iran/USA), Chahrazad Zahi (Morocco)

The Jury and co-managers of the programme:

Karima BoudouAziza HarmelAbdellah KarroumNoura Al-KhasawnehBerit Schuck and Wael Shawky

Studentenausweis Ivana Tomljenović
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© MMAG Foundation