The Foundation

The Allianz Cultural Foundation was officially registered as a non-profit organization in Munich by the then-Allianz AG (now Allianz SE) in the year 2000. In January of 2012, the foundation moved into the Berlin Allianz Forum at Pariser Platz 6 along with the Allianz Foundation for Sustainability.

The Allianz Cultural Foundation both funds outside projects and runs its own initiatives. We accept grant applications on a European scale for projects that comply with the foundation's funding guidelines. And we cooperate with international partner organizations and institutions in the planning and development of our initiatives. Our general focus is on projects that promote exchange and encounters in Europe and around the Mediterranean, as well as discursive events in the fields of European educational work, contemporary visual and performing arts, literature and music.

Two bodies set the strategy for the foundation's work, decide on the distribution of funding and monitor the allocation of resources. The Advisory Board is comprised of external experts from various branches of the arts and operates as an artistic-scholarly advisory committee. It reviews project applications and presents a selection of project proposals to the Board of Trustees for final decision. The members of both bodies are all appointed and/or re-appointed for three years. The managing member of the Board of Trustees and thus Director of the Allianz Cultural Foundation is Esra Küçük.

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