“Culture needs open space – and a partner that creates it“

The current situation presents a challenge for all of us, and especially for those involved in projects based on grant money and funding. Knowing that artists and cultural practitioners are often entirely dependent on the funding they have raised, we believe it to be essential for the arts and cultural scene to continue to work through and beyond this difficult time period. Our goal is to find practical solutions to this challenge.

As a foundation, we regard it as our responsibility to stand with our project partners in these exceptional circumstances. The Allianz Cultural Foundation will not reclaim its funding but is open to postponing projects, extending project periods and modifying activities.

We are also engaged in conversations with funding institutions on finding solutions to needs beyond our currently funded projects. More information on this will follow later.

Further information on how we can support projects currently funded by us and steps towards a modification application may be found here. Please do not hesitate to contact us – stay safe and take care.

© David Ausserhofer