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The Performing Arts Forum (PAF) located near Reims in France has developed into a well-known meeting place for the international avant-garde in art and performance since its establishment in 2006.

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Jan Ritsema

PAF was founded by (the) Dutch director Jan Ritsema. The Forum provides a temporary residence and production site for established and young artists alike, as well as theorists, who can take advantage of the possibility to rent a room for several days or weeks.
The Angora Project, that was initiated in the PAF, seeked to disrupt the classical stage form of theatre by reinterpreting Sophocles' Oedipus in two versions performed at different times.
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15 internationally established dancers and choreographers from different countries, such as Xavier LeRoy, developed a scenic reinterpretation of the Oedipus myth in the framework of a workshop and a symposium, which was finally performed in Brussels and Graz. Aside from the participating dancers and choreographers, philosophers, art theorists and scientists, as well as approximately 50 young artists of different disciplines were invited to reflect about their experiences with other Oedipus productions and were asked to develop new contemporary production forms. The results of this theoretical reflection were meant to directly influence the second version in Graz (Steirischer Herbst).
The entire process was documented and published in an online- and a printed publication.
Project partner: "Les Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers", Association Avec Jan Jib, PAF
Project location: Brussels, Graz, St Erme Outre et Ramecourt
Project venue: 2011
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