European Voluntary Service for All – EVS4ALL

Location: Germany, France, UK, Poland, Romania, Spain

Time frame: Feb 2015 - Apr 2017

In cooperation with 14 European partners (see below)

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The pilot project “European Voluntary Service for All” (EVS4ALL) is taking concrete steps toward actualizing the “European volunteer year for everyone” envisioned in manifesto “We are Europe! Manifesto for Rebuilding Europe from the Bottom Up”. Thousands of Europeans have added their signatures to that manifesto to date, many of them intellectuals and politicians. This pan-European campaign demands the immediate and long-term expansion of the European Commission's volunteering programs. For the Allianz Cultural Foundation and its partners, this project is a way of both actively contributing to building an inclusive European civil society and helping to defeat growing skepticism towards Europe.

EVS4ALL is a network of fourteen predominantly private foundations and institutions working together with organizations experienced in volunteer work and European youth. Germany, France, Great Britain, Poland, Spain and Romania are all represented. An initiative of the Allianz Cultural Foundation, EVS4ALL was founded in cooperation with Volonteurope and Volunteering Matters and is coordinated by the IKAB-Bildungswerk.

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The EVS4ALL partners have put volunteer service, participation in the democratic system and social inclusiveness across all of Europe on their agendas and are working to make a difference in these areas. Our plan of action covers three main points:


  1. Taking the needs of disadvantaged youth into greater consideration. This demographic has not had easy access to the European Voluntary Service program up to this point, and remains underrepresented.
  2. Strengthening the involvement of foundations, communities, regional and national governments, enterprises, etc., in the European Voluntary Service. In this way, the EVS can increase its capacity, its efficiency, and its efficacy across Europe.
  3. Promoting the EVS in general, and the idea of a more inclusive EVS in particular, through comprehensive communication, with an emphasis on strategically spreading our vision.

Please sign our manifesto for a European Voluntary Service for All:
Manifest Wir sind Europa!

Discover our EVS4ALL Volunteers' Journal:
Volunteers' Journal
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Get an insight into EVS4ALL! Francisco and Maximiliano from Spain show you their voluntary service in Poland...

EVS4ALL- Conference: “Volunteering for Social Change”
20- 21 March 2017, Allianz Forum Berlin

The conference "Volunteering for Social Change" presented the project results of the European cooperation project "European Voluntary Service for All" (EVS4ALL), co-funded by Erasmus+. By the analysis of concrete voluntary services, fourteen organisations of European youth and volunteer work, as well as foundations from Germany, France, Great Britain, Poland, Spain and Romania, have developed European policy recommendations for an inclusive European Voluntary Service which were presented and discussed at the conference in March. The conference was opened on 20 March with an evening event during which Daniel Cohn-Bendit and MEP Brando Benifei, amongst others, discussed how a socially just and inclusive Europe can be designed for young people.

The programme of the conference can be found here.