Guidelines & Application Process


Due to the planned realignment of our project funding, the foundation will not accept any project applications in 2017. We thank you for your understanding.

Funding Criteria
The Allianz Cultural Foundation's primary intent is to support young scholars and artists in Europe. As a general rule, the foundation funds joint projects involving partners from at least three different countries. Within its European scope, the Allianz Cultural Foundation identifies certain priority regions. Current priority regions are the Mediterranean region and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Aside from demonstrating the requisite artistic, scholarly or pedagogic quality, projects must make clear that all cooperating partners are equal partners, equally responsible for their project's conceptual and financial planning and execution. Projects should be designed to create durable connections between the participating artists and cultural institutions in Europe. Successfully funded projects incorporate innovative and interdisciplinary approaches in their field, i.e. artistic research, cultural work or European educational work. They might also have a workshop character, although the active production of knowledge and reciprocal sharing of experience between participants is as significant as the final outcome itself. And, last but not least, funded projects should be conceived to make long-term, broad-based effects.

All grant applications that comply with the foundation's funding guidelines and are received on-time by the Allianz Cultural Foundation are first put up for discussion by the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board then expresses its recommendations to the Board of Trustees. The latter body then makes the final decision on funding.

Grant Applications – In a Nutshell

  • The deadlines for 2016 and 2017 were on 31 March 2015 and 31 March 2016, respectively.
  • The foundation is not accepting applications in 2017 (please see above).
  • Applications should not exceed 5 pages in length, and must include the following components: 1 page budget (non-standardized); 1 page application form (standardized form); 2-3 pages detailed project concept (key points: description, time line, project partners).
  • The Allianz Cultural Foundation cannot fully finance a project (maximal possible funding = 50%).
  • Your budget should clearly indicate which concrete subtotal is being requested from the Allianz Cultural Foundation, and for what purpose(s).
  • Project grants are limited to one year. Application for renewal is possible, but renewed funding cannot be guaranteed in advance.

The Allianz Cultural Foundation does not provide funding for:

  • single individuals
  • external publications with no established relationship to a funded project
  • production costs for exhibitions, films, concerts, dance performances, plays, operas, etc.
  • film projects (with the exception of projects that treat film as an artistic medium)
  • purchases of furnishings or art objects
  • institutional operating costs (with the exception of overhead costs comprising maximally 20% of the total grant)
  • renovation or restoration work
  • purchase of technical equipment
  • benefits, sporting and entertainment events
  • commercial events and sponsoring activities