International Festivalcampus

Location: Ruhrgebiet

Time frame: 2012 - 2018

In cooperation with: Ruhrtriennale and changing international Art Academies

© Campustriennale / Volker Beushausen

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© Volker Beushausen

Ruhrtriennale is the international arts festival hosted by the Ruhr metropolitan area. The venues of the Ruhrtriennale are the region’s outstanding industrial monuments which are transformed each year into spectacular sites for music, fine art, theater, dance, and performance. This year's art and theater students from across Europe are once again invited to come to the Ruhr region to attend seminars and workshops as part of Ruhrtriennale’s Summer School program "International Festivalcampus" (former "Campustriennale"). For the "International Festivalcampus", students from the arts and humanities leave their traditional academic context of training and bring their ideas and skills into discussions and projects.

Through the inspiring atmosphere of the festival they collect visual experiences, speak about what they have seen and exchange ideas across disciplinary boundaries. They are offered insights into artistic practice and the opportunity to enter into a vibrant discussion — not only with one another and the Ruhtriennale team but most importantly with the artists from around the world participating in the festival.

The Campustriennale consists of three parts: College, Masterclass und Exhibition

At the College the festival becomes a place to meet for students from Germany and Europe. They take part in seminars and workshops, attend Ruhrtriennale productions and meet artists and facilitators for background discussions. They discuss, celebrate and discover the Ruhr region and exchange their own views about theatre, art and music. Dialogue about aesthetic, cultural and political issues is central. Diverse disciplines come together, different generations, nationalities, cultures and ideas. With this programme the Ruhrtriennale seeks to foster interdisciplinary exchange between prospective artists, academics and theatremakers and to contribute to the emergence of an international network of emerging artists.

The Masterclass enables groups of young artists to realize their own creative visions as part of the festival. They will develop performances inspired by the year’s festival theme supported by celebrated international artists. These are then presented in two long evenings of theatre.

As part of the Exhibition project empty display shops become art rooms. Young artists have shows here in the different cities with their own installations. This "art parcours" can be visited throughout the festival duration.


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© Volker Beushausen