Sarajevo Literature Festival „Sarajevski dani poezije“ - "Sarajevo Poetry Days"

Location: Sarajevo

Time frame: 17-22 October 2017

In cooperation with: Writers' Association Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ministry of Culture i.a.
Program 2017

The international literature festival “Sarajevski Dani Poezije” (Sarajevo Poetry Days) has been one of the most important cultural events in Southeast Europe  since 1962. During the Cold War Era, this festival made literary encounters between writers from both blocks possible. This year, the “Sarajevski Dani Poezije” will host writers, literary critics and translators from Bosnia, Croatia, Germany, Iran, Serbia, Macedonia and Turkey.

Hardly any country has yet to be represented by a prominent author at the “Sarajevski Dani Poezije”, which says as much about the vitality of worldwide literary production as it does about the event itself . Beyond its significance for the former Yugoslavia in general, the festival constitutes a vital cultural happening for Bosnia and Herzegovina in particular, especially in challenging times such as these. Internationally renowned author Dževad Karahasan was recently named director of the festival, which highlights a current topic or a certain country every year.