Association KROKODIL:
Europoly / Languages and Nationalisms

Location: Belgrade, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Split, Vienna, Zagreb

Time span: ongoing, since 2013

In cooperation with: Association Krokodil BLOCKFREIBijeli Val Cvrena

Europoly (2017)
“Europoly – Past, Present and Future of Balkan Migrations to Central and Western Europe” is a multidisciplinary project that tackles the important issue of migrations from the Balkan region to the countries of Central and Western Europe, starting from the huge influx of economic migrants (so-called Gastarbeiters) in the 1960’s, over Yugoslav conflicts of the 1990’s that resulted in tens of thousands of war refugees as well as constant brain drain the all post-Yu countries are experiencing, to the most recent refugee crisis.
The mission of the project is to investigate and map rich social, cultural and artistic impact this long-drawn-out migratory wave has left on both, the region of the Western Balkans as well as on the receiving countries. The conferences will take place in Belgrade, Sarajevo, Zagreb and Vienna throughout 2017. Each conference would be a series of two-day events that would include round-table discussions, readings, film projections, exhibitions and will include a wide array of artists, writers, theoreticians, curators and film directors.
The first project conference is organised from 6-13 April at the Museum of Jugoslav History in Belgrade. The conference includes a ahow of the installation "Europoly" by Austrian artist Dejan Kaludjerovic and several film projections. The panel dicussion on 6-7 April includes the following participants:
Boris Buden, Alida Bremer, Vladimir Ivanovic and Želimir Žilnik.

The next station of EUROPOLY will be the Cultural Information Center, Zagreb, where the second project conference will take place from 02-11 May 2017. Participants will be, amongst others: Andreja Kulunčić, Tanja Ostojić, Marina Gržinić Mauhier, Viktor Koska and Marijana Hameršak.


Association KROKODIL is dedicated to production of literary, cultural and sociopolitical programs and projects with the aim of developing literary audiences and those that are interested in culture as such, promotion of the culture of dialogue, reconciliation and reconstruction of the broken links particularly in the region of the Western Balkans but also in deepening of the mutual understanding and the acceptance of differences in the European context and elsewhere.

Festival Krokodil
Association KROKODIL was established in 2009 when it also initiated the literary festival KROKODIL. During the three evenings in June of that year the festival premiered in Belgrade and ever since it is a regular, annual event that happens each June in the same place – the open-air arena in front of the Museum of Yugoslav History. Even though it was originally conceived as the regional literary platform, festival KROKODIL soon adopted more international character and swiftly grew to become on of the most prominent, popular and recognised literary events not only in the region of the Western Balkans but also in Europe. Besides regular performances by major and established authors from Serbia, the region and abroad, it is characterized by innovative use of multimedia with the aim of enriching the experience of public reading, dynamic rhythm, contemporary sensibility as well as large, very loyal and interested audience with extraordinary visits of well more than 1000 people per an evening. Very soon after its establishment, Association KROKODIL was also recognised on a wider, European literary scene thanks to its’ uniqueness and originality but before all else hard and dedicated work of its’ team and participated in different international programs and projects both as organiser or copartner.

Languages and Nationalisms (2016)
The project “Languages and Nationalisms” is realized in the form of series of expert regional conferences executed in Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina with the aim to articulate a very important topic of misuse of linguistic science in the time of disintegration og Yugoslavia and formation of new states and four political languages that replaced the one polycentric language spoken in former Yugoslavia (Serbo-Croatian / Croato-Serbian).
Events: Podgorica: 21-22 April; Split: 19-20 May; Belgrade: 05-06 Oktober; Sarajevo: 23-24 November.
For more information about each of the four events see the website: Languages and Nationalisms.

Congratulations... the prestigious European Communication Award in the category NGO/Association for 2016! Association KROKODIL has also been awarded by the City of Belgrade with an important award “Stars of Belgrade” for 2012.

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