European History and Literature Translation Programme for Central and Eastern Europe

Location: Amsterdam, Central- and Eastern Europe

Time frame: 2005-2012, 2016

In cooperation with : Fund for Central and East European Book Projects 
and local partners

A long-term translation project of the CEEBP for international standard works in the field of European literature, history and politics.

The Fund for Central and East European Book Projects (CEEBP) has the objective to promote the unrestricted exchange of literature and information across borders between Eastern and Western European countries, by supporting appropriate and contextually exceptional publications throughout Central Eastern Europe. Bearing in mind the difficult situation in publishing and the book trade in post-communist countries, this project provides the structural basis for a permanent, intellectual and academic exchange between Eastern and Western Europe.

Within the program numerous literary works of Central and Eastern European writers have been translated into other languages of the region from 2005-2012. The program will be broadened this year with a focus on the Ukraine. Due to the current crisis in Ukraine and its negative economic effects on the book trade and translations into the Ukrainian language, the focus will be on books that give an insight into historical, philosophical, political, economic and cultural aspects related to the development of Europe. The selected works illuminate local history and culture from different perspectives and enable a critical examination of history in a broader European and Euro-Atlantic context.

Since the start of the project, 109 translations, 5 editions of the Belarus magazine and the book review section "Transitions Online" have already been published in different languages of the region. In light of the difficult situation of the publishing industry and book trade in post-communist countries, the project aims to build a structural environment for a lasting intellectual and scientific exchange between Eastern and Western Europe.

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